Thursday, April 14, 2011

My youtube channel - Chakra meditations!


I am glad to start this blog sending you my new youtube channel with some meditations videos I made for helping the visualization and the balancing of the Chakras.

Hope you enjoy it!

❤NE L♡ve ● Pe▲ce ● Light☀


TheSoundworker╬× √ ╬ę L U T ↑ ☼ N


  1. hey thanks for the positive energy have you ever tried isotonic and i-doser frequencies? they are really good especially i-doser

  2. Hi from Buenos Aires! I love cosmic energies, spiritual themes, Reiki, Tai Chi and much more.
    I do hope you'll write on this blog about your spiritual journey, I've subscribed and will be waiting.. :-))
    You are invited to follow my blog even tho' the poems are in Spanish, because you'll find quite of lot of English info in the lateral column. Especially my published English poetry collection, Patagonia Lost, which I won free as a prize! And I'm a great Nature lover.
    Cheers, Sylvia

  3. hello fellow blogspot person..jim boeger here at

  4. Love your logo. I'd like to buy the 528Hz Frequency - 11:11 Meditation for my iPhone, so I can take it to my Vision Stewards group. Love your work.

  5. Hi

    I'd like to know what software you used to make the video : SOUL WAVES - 432Hz + 528Hz